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Summer 2012

We were exceptionally busy this summer - despite all the talks of a recession it was good to see the fans still attending music events. We were proud to be involved in the provision of aircraft charter for so many major music tours, several of which were amongst the highest grossing in the music industry this year. We utilized all sizes of aircraft from an executive Airbus for a 3 month tour to a turbo prop Jetstream for some festival visits, and many last minute helicopter hops in between the torrential rainstorms.

Once again we have been criss-crossing Europe ourselves visiting the more difficult airports to oversee some of the passenger transfers to ensure all goes smoothly, (and also to keep errant amateur photographers at bay)!

We are seeing increased activity for music events in Africa, South America and Russia, making for some interesting airport set ups in some pretty far flung cities. From Festivals in the Arctic Circle to DJ's on a beach in the Med! Within our parent group here in the office we have a plentitude of language skill and other resources throughout Europe / Far East / The States and Australia all of which help make our pre flight preparations very thorough.

The Olympics of course were a great success. The expected flight delays gleefully predicted by the British media thankfully did not happen. Air traffic management was exceptional, with very few ATC delays experienced throughout. This was thanks to skilled aviation pre-planning within the UK Aviation Authorities and good co-ordinations with Euro Control who control the slot system across Europe.

Olympic News - April 2012

With the London 2012 Olympics fast approaching it might be useful to have a list of important dates that will impact air travel, particularly airport and airspace access, in the UK. Critically, all airports from Birmingham south-east in the UK will all be runway slot coordinated between 21 July and 14 August inclusive. London Heathrow will accept NO additional flights during the overall Olympic period. We know that some airports have already reached capacity, certainly for aircraft parking space, around the peaks Opening and Closing Ceremony dates.

The essential message is that anyone planning to fly in or out of the UK during this period should plan and book well ahead. And note that once slots have been booked it may be impossible to change schedules at short notice. Airport and Airspace slots are being coordinated so that flight plans Airspace times must concur with the booked Runway slot. If it doesn’t the flight plan will automatically be rejected by the Air Traffic systems and the flight will be unable to take-off! So its no good just booking a runway slot and running early or late. For further information do give us a call and we will be pleased to advise. In the meantime here is the list of significant dates in relation to airport status.

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