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Dedicated Customs & Immigration service now at London Luton Airport

Following extensive negotiations with UK Border Force (UKBF) some London Luton Airport handling agents for private jet charters are now able to offer a dedicated customs & immigration service. This will now alleviate issues we have had in the past that has meant passengers being hauled over and cleared at the main commercial terminal. The service went live on Monday 6th January 2014 whereby a dedicated UKBF officer is on site so that the officer can clear passengers in the comfort of their own aircraft or at the very least in their own private passenger lounge. This service is available from 06.30am till 22.00 where there is a small UKBF Immigration charge per international arriving aircraft. For out of hours service between 22.00 to 06.30am these will be either remotely cleared as normal or met by a roaming officer.

Is It Legal?

People looking to take specially chartered air taxi flights to meetings, conferences and events have been advised to check the operator of their flight has been approved before booking their trip.

Any UK-based individual, organisation or company offering flights in return for payment must have an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) issued by the CAA. This means they are regularly checked out by the CAA to ensure they maintain and operate their aircraft to stringent commercial air transport standards. Anyone requesting payment for flights without an AOC is therefore breaking the law, is putting passengers at risk and may be invalidating the life insurances of all on board.

The CAA is now reminding members of the business community to take care when choosing the operator of their flight. All UK AOC holders are listed on the CAA website, making it easy for people to check if a UK operator is approved to provide commercial air transport.

Bob Jones, Head of Flight Operations at the CAA, said: "We know that many businesspeople enjoy the convenience of being able to fly to meetings and appointments across the UK and Europe. And with over 130 operators approved by the CAA to provide commercial air transport there is lots of choice out there.

"However we're also aware that some individuals or companies may be selling flights without the required approvals. This is against the law and passengers could be at risk if they book with them. It's therefore vital that people check the operator has an AOC before they book and report any concerns to the CAA." The requirement to have an AOC applies to anyone providing flights in return for payment, for example helicopter flights to get people to business meetings, small aircraft being used for leisure flights and jet airliners operating transatlantic services.

People can check if a UK operator has an AOC by visiting www.caa.co.uk/aocholders where all approved UK operators are listed. Non-UK air operators are required to hold an AOC granted by their own state. Anyone who suspects illegal commercial air transport flights are taking place can inform the CAA using our online reporting form.

Spencer Arnold

Premier Aviation's team has recently been augmented by the appointment of Spencer Arnold as one of our Senior Charter Brokers. Spencer has been involved with all manner of aircraft charter and transport provision worldwide since 2005 and has successfully delivered bespoke solutions for several high-profile tours and events. His extensive knowledge and experience spans both private jet and large commercial airliners and encompasses tour and event logistics for the music, sport and automotive industries, as well as working with global brands and rights holders to deliver successful programmes on time and on budget.

Spencer's broking philosophy has always involved a strong element of face-to-face client liaison and he understands the importance of delivering client satisfaction at every stage of a project. His attention to detail, coupled with a professional approach will ensure that our clients' expectations of us being their number-one provider of specialist aircraft charter will continue to be met.


Summer 2013

As predicted, we're delighted to say that the past four months has proved to be extremely busy and successful for the team here at Premier!

We did in fact coordinate and supply the charter of aircraft for seven major music tours this summer, performed by some of the biggest bands, contemporary artists or legends in the world of Rock & Pop. These flights often also involved a large entourage of tour staff with vast amounts of luggage and equipment.

Some of these clients and artists were new to us, using our service for the first time as a result of recommendations, whilst others were long term established customers who value our experience and knowledge, refusing to look elsewhere.

On these seven tours alone we put together over 220 sectors which included routings within the UK, throughout Central & Eastern Europe, across Russia, transatlantic to the States and within South America. The extra attention to detail that we always apply to ensure the smoothest of transfers through each airport certainly proved a challenge at some of the more remote airports.

Aircraft utilised on these sectors - Airbus 319, Embraer Legacy 600, Challenger 300, Challenger 850, Citation Sovereign, Citation XLS, Falcon 2000LX and Avro RJ70.

Of course many of these flights were scheduled to depart very late at night after the shows, with artists coming straight off stage and out to the airports. However our dedicated team of brokers and flight services, with our 24hr support ethic, were always on hand to oversee all aspects and ready to deal with any minor changes or problems which may have occurred.

We are pleased to say that any problems were few and far between and as testament to our team's hard work, the touring personnel were highly complimentary on the high level of our operation, support and advice.

During these busy summer months we have of course also supplied many other charters (with a growing number of requests for helicopters) for other artists, VIPs and private clients with their families. Some have been last minute, short hops to holiday homes, planned business meetings or for performances at the many music festivals which have been taking place.

At the end of July, assisted by our commercial and cargo departments, we arranged the movement of a world famous classical composer, his 120 piece orchestra and all of their musical instruments, for a charter from Italy into Ireland for two sell-out concerts. Whilst this took some time organising logistically, both flights went well and extremely smoothly with satisfied passengers and client. We look forward to working on further orchestral movement charters in the future.

Now in September we are pleased to have just started our eighth major music tour this year, again for another hugely successful band which will cover 19 sectors over a four week period, throughout Europe and within the UK.

Spring 2013

Following our proud achievement of providing private charters for the top three biggest grossing tours of 2012, we have now commenced our busy 2013 season with six major artist tours, some of which began in April, and which are travelling daily over the next three months. Typical aircraft being used for these tours range from a corporate airbus, executive Legacy, Challenger 300 and 850, through to Hawkers and smaller jets.

Whilst these artists are already long-standing clients of ours, who have relied and respected our service for as many as 20 years for some, we’re delighted to welcome new valued artists, bands and clients. We look forward to establishing similar relationships for the years to come, as these newcomers continue to develop and, in turn, dominate their own global success stories.

Destinations are typically throughout Europe, however with assistance from our partners and offices worldwide we continue to confirm charters for destinations further afield, including North and South America, Australia, the Middle East and Asia. As demonstrated last year, we are starting to see an increasing number of requests to land our passengers into Russia, which we recognise as a major territory with a huge audience for many of our musical clients.

Global stars from the world of opera, rock legends, orchestras and some of the current artist/DJs are among our client portfolio, along with those from the world of banking, sport, personalities, VIP and private clients, who continue to prefer our superior service and method of supplying their private air charter requirements. Whatever the genre of the music, the industry, the destination, the number of passengers, or size of aircraft, we simply understand our clients’ needs and we continue to deliver.

With the UK and European live music festival season now getting underway, we are starting to receive last minute enquiries to help ‘make things happen’.  It’s sometimes a challenge, but always a pleasure, and gives our team here great satisfaction to know we’ve delivered! 

Despite our continuous hectic schedules, itineraries and long working days during the past couple of months, we have still found the time to attend, show our presence, support and commitment at major industry conferences, exhibitions and events. We pride ourselves on always remaining at the forefront of global aviation developments, new music artists dominating the charts and live venues worldwide.

Always having up to date knowledge and understanding of our business, will help us continue to be the best in our industry, with everything considered.


New FBO in Madrid Barajas

The new FBO in Madrid Barajas is now open. The former 'State Pavilion' has been converted into a new General Aviation Terminal and opened mid April.

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