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Challenger 300

Challenger 300

Challenger 300 Interior

  Seating Capacity:   8-10
  Baggage Capacity:   15-18 medium size suitcases
  Crew:   2 pilots / 1 Flight Attendant
  Maximum range:   3570miles/5745km/6h
  London/Nice:   1h 45m
  London/Athens:   3h 50m
  London/New York:   7h 30m PLUS a fuel STOP
  • The most recent model from the Bombardier range of Challengers, the Challenger 300 is intended for shorter range flying than the 604, but still has a large cabin aircraft. Although same length cabin as the Challenger 604 it is not a wide.

  • It has a typical cruising speed of 530mph/853kph at up to 41,000ft.

  • Typical layouts are 2 x club 4's.

  • A first class choice of hot meals, hot beverages and drinks served by the flight attendant from the comprehensively equipped galley.