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Citation Sovereign

Citation Sovereign Exterior

Citation Sovereign Interior

  Seating Capacity:   6
  Baggage Capacity:   6 medium soft bags
  Crew:   2 pilots
  Maximum range:   1700miles/2735km/3h30m
  London/Nice:   1h 45m
  London/Geneva:   1h 25m
  London/Nice:   50m
  • The Citation Sovereign will climb to 43,000 feet in just 30 minutes at its maximum takeoff weight, taking it quickly up to transcontinental and transatlantic crossing altitudes. The Citation X is certified to fly as high as 51,000 feet - where fuel efficiency is optimized and airline traffic is non-existent.

  • The full-length stand-up aisle stretches 24 feet in the spacious cabin that makes it the largest of the mid size business jets. Each Citation Sovereign interior is unique; individually crafted for the owner.

  • On most models individual screens and headsets are provided for use of the DVD and CD systems.

  • The enormous rear baggage compartment provides room for 15 suitcases.

  • There is a choice of cold meals or snacks with hot beverages or drinks from the bar.

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